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Welcome to TuneCraft

Our mission is to add a bit of color to the world of assembly line guitars.  We put quality guitar kits into the hands of passionate players and builders. Our kits are geared towards beginners and pros alike, with kits to suit any budget and skill level.

About Our DIY Guitar Kits

Our kits are created using CNC and hand shaping techniques in a factory that makes thousands of musical instruments each month.  The factory is based in Jinan, China. After using a couple other factories, we’ve been impressed with the consistent quality and attention to detail from this facility over the past couple years. Each guitar body is hand matched to each neck to ensure the best fit.  Other complimentary parts such as pick guards are also shaped to match the curvature of its specific body.

Due to the nature of how the kits are made, we are not able to accommodate custom requests for unique configurations. We are consistently expanding our product line, and love to hear requests for models we don’t currently carry.  We do use this feedback when selecting which kits to stock.

About TuneCraft

We stand behind every kit we sell.  If you ever encounter an issue with the quality of the kits we sell, please contact us. We would love to make it right.

All guitar kits are imported into the USA and are stored and shipped from San Bernandino, California.